MSU Science Festival

April 15-19, 2015


We anticipate thousands of visitors to Michigan State University for the Science Festival. Please plan your trip accordingly. We do not anticipate that visitors will require to drive between most events as many of the events are clustered within walking distance of the Festival's two main presentation centers.

Please note, most Science Festival events take place after 6 pm on weekdays and on the weekend when parking is generally open to visitors and free of charge (with the exception of special event parking). Special events such as athletics, Wharton or Breslin performances designate event lots and are marked as such. A special event fee may be charged at those lot entrances.

Visitor Parking


Festival visitors may park in the visitor pay-to-exit lots (cash only) and meters (note hours of operation – ramp meters are U.S. coin operated only, most others accept credit card and U.S. coin). In addition, Lots 89 and 91 have been designated free parking for festival visitor use during the week.

Go to or this websites map and directions tab for lot numbers and locations. Due to heavy traffic and use of campus meters and pay-to-exit lots on central campus, the areas below are more likely to have available parking:

● Lot 89 – northwest corner of Farm Lane and Mt. Hope Road

● Lot 91 – northwest corner of Service and Hagadorn Roads

● Visitor pay-to-exit lots: 62W, 79, 100 and Ramp 3 (Wharton Center off Shaw Lane) –

(all cash only - 80 cents per ½-hour or portion thereof )

● Meters in Ramp 5 – at Trowbridge and Red Cedar Roads

● Meters in Ramp 6 – off Grand River Avenue, west of Olin Health Center


Parking during the day on a weekday is tricky. We encourage taking a bus or, weather permitting traveling by bicycle. DPPS is waiving bicycle registration during the festival and will not impound unregistered bicycles during the festival as long as they were parked and locked to a bicycle rack and in working order.

After 6:00 PM and Weekends* 

We have consolidated evening events in buildings with easy access to parking ramps and lots. You may park in general spaces or at meters in the following parking ramps after 6:00 PM on weekdays or during the weekend. For lot numbers and locations go to .

Ramp 1 (Shaw Lane Ramp)

Ramp 5 (Trowbridge Road Ramp)

Ramp 6 (Grand River Avenue Ramp)


Park in pay-to-exit lots (there is no charge to park in them

on weekends if no special event).

*Please note: There may be spaces within these lots that are designated for other use (i.e. lease spaces, University vehicle spaces). Do not park in them as a violation may be written and you may be towed.  Park only as described above. Special events may require a fee to enter a lot (only one scheduled during the festival is at the Breslin Center). Handicap spaces require a valid placard or plate. If you have accessible parking questions, please contact the MSU Parking Office at 517-355-8440, Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:45 PM.  

School Bus Parking- Please click on schools and follow link to Tips for Transportation and Navigation

Off-Campus Parking

View the campus map with buildings highlighted where Festival events take place and visitor parking ('P')